Welcome to Bridge Loans* from Freedom Mortgage

A new solution helping our clients accelerate their next move.

Freedom Mortgage is pleased to support Compass clients like you with all of your Bridge Loan needs. Our dedicated Bridge Loan Team is committed to providing comprehensive and timely advice on how to use Bridge Loans* and other financing niches to help you transition into a new home in a seamless and cost-effective way.

What are Bridge Loans?

Bridge Loans are a suite of mortgage products uniquely designed to help homeowners and investors who want to purchase a new property prior to selling their current one. Our Loan Officers help assemble a beneficial and cost-effective financing strategy, while helping avoid the need to sell in order to buy.

Why Freedom Mortgage?

The key to a successful Bridge Loan is identifying the right strategy, product and terms for each client’s circumstances. With a unique set of flexible loan products, our highly experienced team has all of the tools at their fingertips to help unlock this complex financing puzzle. Being recognized as a top residential lender** nationwide with 30 successful years in business makes Freedom an excellent choice for all of your home financing needs.

Cost Efficiencies

Subject to state and/or Federal requirements, we work with our third-party vendors to reduce costs throughout every step of the loan process with the hope of being able to pass cost savings on to you. Customers who obtain both Bridge Loan and permanent loan financing from Freedom Mortgage may be able to enjoy cost savings on both transactions!

*Some Bridge Loan products are brokered through a third party. Other Bridge Loan products may be available through the Freedom Mortgage Retail channel. The Freedom Mortgage Home Equity Line of Credit Program is brokered through a third party and is not available in Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia.

**Inside Mortgage Finance 1Q2020
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